The language of flowers

Hello, my dear. How are you doing?

The language of flowers is lovely.
If we give a flower to someone, it tells my message instead of words.
During the 19th century, La Tour’s book ‘Le language des Fleurs’ has been published and
floriography was popularized in France. All the language is come from original character of each
flower and historical and cultural background of flowers. Nowadays, floriography is always
updated and generated.
If they have meanings,
I should care it when I choose flowers, shouldn’t I?

When I stayed in London, I usually went to flower market to buy flowers.
Recently, I enjoy finding new florists on the way of my walk.
Tulip and ranunculus newly joined to my room and they brought spring feelings.
They also have the language for each color. Hmmm… complex?
The meaning of tulip is generally ‘thoughtful consideration’ in Japan.
Ranunculus means ‘radiant charm’. I would like to be a person who has these thoughts.

The language of flowers is the one of my tips of good life.
It could be ‘the theme of a week’.


Have a jancidium day!

Best,   xxx